Working for Us PAC

We expect our Members of Congress to always be working for us – America’s families  – and we are here to make sure they do.  And that is why we have formed Working for Us Pac, a federal independent expenditure political action committee, to help get Members of Congress back in line.  

Working for Us PAC was launched to hold Members of Congress accountable at the ballot box on issues that foster greater economic security forAmerica’s families. Our agenda includes creating jobs here at home, fighting for decent  pay for workers, protecting retirement benefits and security, defending and expanding public services and jobs, making education accessible for all, providing quality health care for all, securing decent housing for every American, and holding corporate America accountable.  

Working for Us Pac believes that we should shine a spotlight on politicians who have abandoned basic economic values and stand  against the best interests of their constituents. In order to achieve this goal, Working for Us PAC runs independent expenditure campaigns on behalf of candidates and incumbents who work for this economic agenda and against those who oppose it.

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Working for Us PAC